Gina Alicea - Artist and Spiritual Practitioner
The "Veiled Reality" artwork of Gina Alicea reflects metaphysical principles. Each veiled canvas, photo or quilt reveals a deeper message when the veil is lifted.  On the surface the veil reflects life experiences, underneath the veil a deeper reality is revealed.  Her style does not focus on what is literally seen by the artist, but surrenders conceptually to what is felt on a deeper level.  

In her travels to more than 20 countries, Ms. Alicea has observed the various spiritual practices of many people, religions, cultures and ethnic groups.  From these observations she states, “We are all One humanity.  We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. In that, we all experience concepts such as immortality, abundance and attraction.”  It is these concepts and more that Ms. Alicea expresses through her veiled paintings, photos, and quilts. 

Watch a video of Ms. Alicea lifting the veils on her artwork to reveal the deeper meaning on the canvas below!

Watch a video of Ms. Alicea unveiling her commission piece for the ICA 50th anniversary.  She begins speaking about 8 minutes into the video about the meaning of the piece.

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